Where does the money go?

To water! Thanks to a special group of administrative donors that cover our operating expenses, we can use 100% of your donation to fund the wells we drill!

Who are we?

A group of volunteers that want to: Do the most good for the most needy - do it with the best bang for our buck - share God’s love in the process - and give others “A Way” to do the same.

Why team with us?

We use local ideas, labor, resources and accountability. The villagers are the ones who keep the water flowing. Long term solutions rather than short term relief!

Give the gift of clean water

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Contribute to the general fund for building and repairing wells in Northern Uganda. Move from compassion to action!


Give monthly

Give the life changing gift of clean water every month and discover the joy no other monthly payment could ever provide.


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100,000+ lives impacted

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  • 134 wells built
  • 500+ refugee supplies given
  • 200+ school children supported
  • 250+ communities transformed