Rosser and Buck Family Wells

The Rosser and Buck families would like to move from empathy to action by providing two water wells to villages in need.  Please consider joining them in their journey!


September 2020 Update:

The Buck and Rosser families have reached their goal!  Thank you to all who helped make this possible. Funding for two deep water wells sent on 9/3/20.


Photo Gallery:

Boys life group and friends spent a Saturday having a bake sale and washing cars to raise money for clean water. They set a goal and God doubled it!



  • Deep Well: Completed 10.16.2020

    Funding sent for a deep water well in the village of Oyitodero, Lira district in Northern Uganda

    The closest water source for this village is a swamp over 2km away. This well will serve 2  villages and approximately 89 households. The well will also serve a nearby school!

    Installation complete on 10/16/20. Thank you Buck and Rosser family for another village with clean water!


  • Deep Well: Completed 10.07.2020

    Funding sent for a deep water well in the village of Ongica A in the district of Lira Uganda.

    This location is very populated and lacks a clean water source.  They travel long distances looking for safe water.  This well will serve approximately 100 households and 2 villages.

    Well completed on 10/7/20!

    Thank you Buck and Rosser Families for providing this life-saving gift during a time when clean water is more vital than ever for health and wellness!