Sisterhood of Hope

Sisterhood of Hope Catalog …Give a gift that changes a life!

Along with water, the needs for the woman and children of Uganda are great.  Thousands of refugees from South Sudan have fled into Uganda, 80% of which are women and children fleeing violence.

Select an item(s) below and shine bright in a women’s life with gifts that meet their most basic needs!

Days for Girls Hygiene Kits: $10/each

Your gift of a Hygiene Kit is a gift of dignity for the many girls and women who otherwise have no protection during their menstrual cycle, causing them to hide for several days each month, sometimes even going without food unless others brought it to them. Each kit is washable and lasts two to three years.  It has been tested and used by women in 100+countries and represents a tool for breaking the cycle of poverty and allowing women to work and get an education.

Bibles: $5/each

Your gift of a Bible in the local language to a refugee gives hope and a future to not only the recipient, but to anyone the recipient shares it with! You can reach entire families with the Gospel by investing in the gift of eternity!

Baby Wraps: $5/each

Most refugees are women with small children who left Sudan with nothing but the clothes on their backs.  Your gift of a Made-in Africa authentic baby wrap allows one busy mother the freedom to move and carry her young baby for that all-important mother/baby bonding.

Blankets: $15/each

A blanket represents security for a child, especially one who has just fled a civil war in South Sudan.  Your gift of a blanket for a needy boy or girl is certain to comfort, and provide protection from the weather as well.

Water (Any donation amount)

Away to Help accepts donations for drilling deep wells in Northern Uganda. We have installed over 80 wells to date and with your help, we can continue to bring water to this area of great need.  Your gift will give clean drinking water and hygiene to hundreds of people.

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