About Us

Purpose and Mission

Formed by a group of friends from southern California, our organization is committed to providing access to clean water for those without. Our endeavor is to equip people locally to love globally. We are simply people that use our interests to benefit others. Through yard sales, sporting events, benefit concerts, bake sales, recycling programs, school clubs, and game nights, we have shared in the desire to show God’s love by helping those most in need. learn more

Board members

Our board members are fun, active, and sometimes quirky visionaries who generously donate their time to make this process work. Our organization’s focus is not only to install wells, but also to pledge their long-term sustainability. We work alongside our Ugandan partners who know each village’s unique needs, challenges, and solutions to ensure long-term success. learn more

Uganda Team

Click above to meet our partners and our friends. Each village that receives a well elects a “water committee”. Our Uganda team then trains these villagers on well upkeep, water hygiene, and long-term accountability to keep the water flowing.

Their passion for bringing these communities life-saving water as well as sharing the good news of Christ brings hope, health and a new life filled with opportunities. learn more


Would you like more information on A Way To Help?  Review our frequently asked questions. learn more

Water Facts

Interesting facts that keep us doing what we do. learn more