Board Members

A Small Team Trying to Do Something Big

  • We’re a small team trying our best to help people live the life they were intended to live but can’t due to the lack of a basic life need.… clean water.
  • Our board members each have a track record of serving within our organization by standing out in their sacrifice of time and resources.
  • Working both here and in Uganda, our team tries to make the greatest impact in this water crisis.

Our board members are fun, active, and sometimes quirky visionaries who generously donate their time to make this process work. Our organization’s focus is not only to install wells, but also to pledge their long-term sustainability. We work alongside our Ugandan partners who know each village’s unique needs, challenges, and solutions to ensure long-term success.

Meet Us Personally:

  • Maureen TerrioMaureen Terrio
    Executive Director
  • Marla BockhorstMarla Bockhorst
    Operations Director
  • Ann MundellAnn Mundell
    Business & Community Relations Director
  • Karen FerrellKaren Ferrell
    Business Manager
  •  Steve Weik Steve Weik
    Logistics Manager
  • Kim KirkerKim Kirker
    Creative Media Manager
  • Sandy BoydSandy Boyd
    Team Project Manager
  • Suzy BoydSuzy Boyd
    Team Project Manager