• What is the criteria for selecting a well site?
    The criteria for each site is based on responses to a detailed application process. It includes the amount of people served, what type of well that can be installed in the area and the willingness of the community to sustain the well long term. The community will be asked to donate a small and affordable amount towards the well in addition to labor for its installation and maintenance. The reason we do this is to give the entire community a sense that this is their well and that they helped make it all happen. Community involvement and ownership are key to the long term success and maintenance of our program.
  • Who determines the sites?
    We have partnered with Victory Outreach Ministries in Uganda. Their water committee meets with local drillers/construction companies to determine the best pricing. Using local labor is essential in helping create a healthy thriving economy. Once the locations and prices are determined, A Way To Help board of directors makes the final decision based on the greatest need/amount of people affected.
  • What is our goal? 
    Our goal is to show God’s love and give hope through providing desperately needed clean water to the people of Uganda. We also are committed to give people that have a heart for the hurting a way to help by knowing that their money and efforts will go directly to the cause.
  • How do we know wells are installed and maintained?
    Through our partnerships in Northern Uganda we are able to provide full accountability of each well installed. A water committee is established in each village to oversee the maintenance and functioning of each pump. In addition, well representatives perform post installation inspections and provide detailed reports on each site. Our A Way to Help team routinely travels to Uganda and makes on-site inspections on a yearly basis.
  • Who is our Ugandan point of contact?
    Our main point of contact with the Ugandan people is Pastor Johnson Ogema of Victory Outreach Ministries. A well-respected Christian leader throughout Africa, Pastor Johnson’s purpose and passion are to move those that have been devastated by war from a place of despair to self-sufficiency by training pastors in the villages, training villagers on life skills, and connecting our ministry to these areas to provide clean water.
  • Are there other ways to donate to Uganda?
    Yes, though our focus is water wells, we also contribute to a local orphanage in Lira, Uganda. The proceeds from our merchandise sales go to Otino-Waa Orphanage for various needs for the children. We selected this particular orphanage because of the admirable work they do in order to bring war-afflicted Ugandan children from a life without hope to becoming thriving members of the community. If you would like to designate your donation to the orphanage, please contact us.We also have teams committed to educational purposes. These teams raise funds for building school dormitories, purchasing mattresses for orphans living in the dormitories, and providing much needed school supplies for the children. See educational projects on the team project page for more information.