#GivingTuesday 2018

Join us for an exciting opportunity on this global day of giving!

Become part of our Centurion Club this Giving Tuesday, November 27th.  Donate towards the next 5 wells to make it to Away To Help’s 100th well! Be a part of bringing thousands clean water by the end of 2018. What could be a better gift this year?

Donate below and specify your team (if applicable) in the Paypal comments section.

Thank you from the AWTH team!

Update Results:  6 wells funded!

Progress below:

Well #95 (Baropok) completed on 1/18/19 (Thank you Meyer/Black Family)

Well #96 (Amwa) completed on 2/2/19 (Thank you Baumgartner Family)

Funding for well #97 (Onywako) sent on 3/25/19  (Thank you Ferrell family)  Completed 4/24/19!

Funding for well #98 (Angucami village) sent on 3/25/19  Thank you Centurions:  Nathan’s Angels, Raney Family, Schiber Trucking and Gusewelle family.  Completed 4/27/19!

Funding for well #99 (Aduro village) sent on 5/18/19.  Thank you Giving Tuesday Donors!  Completed on 6/19/19.

Funding for well #100 (Tegweng B village) sent on 5/18/19.  Thank you Goodman Family!  Completed on 6/19/19.


  • Deep Well: Completed 04.27.2019

    Well #98 Donated by 4 Giving Tuesday Centurion Donors:

    Thank you to the Raney Family, Schiber Trucking, Nathan’s Angels and the Gusewelle Family. Funding for the Angucami village well in the district of Lira in Northern Uganda was sent on 3/25/19. Completed on 4/27/19!

  • Deep Well: Completed 06.19.2019

    Funding sent for well #99 in the Aduro Village on 5/18/19!  Thank you to all the Giving Tuesday Donors!

    Well completed on 6/19/19!