Updates from Uganda

We have created this page to keep you updated on what is happening in Uganda in light of Covid-19.

August 16th, 2021

By the grace of God life has been going on, amidst the lock-down restrictions and the prolonged drought! I thank God, He gave us favor to use our transport to move but still with restrictions not to have any passenger!
What we did as a Body of Christ, we raised some money and bought for the COVID- 19 task force in the City the following;
1. Face Mask 5000 pcs
2. Hand Sanitizers 300 liters
3. Fuel(Gas) 1000 liters
4. Covidex 50 ampules
These were the real needs of the Task force. And this opened up doors for some key pastors to have travel tags.
At the moment, the Government has relaxed the restrictions, thus movements across districts and cities are allowed. And allowed passengers are a half of the normal number. And private cars are restricted to three travelers.
For Schools, they are starting vaccinations of teachers and students on Monday next week! We trust after that they will be allowed back to school!
 The community has been struggling with drought challenges, such as little or no harvest, food shortages, businesses breaking down, Churches closed down time and again, etc.
Yes, water is still the priority with COVID-19 ravaging the globe!
With the prolonged drought, there is a serious food shortage, especially in the communities.
 We have places that are in dire need for water, and the list is long!

June 18, 2021

Second wave of the virus has reached Uganda.

Covid is biting harder than before. All kinds of gatherings are now suspended for 42 days. But work is encouraged with SOPs strictly followed.
Now the President and his team have started to enforce the SOPs and the locals are also responding accordingly. But that increases the demand for more water points to avoid crowding at the water point.
Together, God will give us the Victory!

November 17th, 2020

A note from Pastor Johnson of Victory Outreach Ministries in Lira, Uganda

The current statistics are as follows:
Total Caes ——— 16,800
Recovered  ———- 8,277
Deaths ——————-155
But new cases are are reported daily unlike before!
As Church leaders, we are encouraging the community to grow vegetables, fruit trees and abide by the SOPs!
Uganda has been placed among the top ten in the World in guiding the members on how to control the spread of Coronavirus!
Water therefore plays a major role in restricting its spread. And the Lockdown contributed negatively to the economic progress of the citizens! All the sectors were hit badly, and the nation is beginning to rise up economically, socially academically- fro schools are just beginning with candidates, and other students will join in January.
Please, feel free to ask questions for clarity!

April 17th, 2020

A Note from Pastor Johnson of Victory Outreach Ministries in Lira, Uganda:

Thanks so much for your prayers! We are still fine in the Lord!
The Lord is giving us grace to reach more souls within this lock-down period! We have more audience listening to us than ever before! And people are more hungry for the Word than ever before! Today Pastor Sam preached and some people called and gave their lives to Christ. This evening a lady by the name Isabella called my number, and talked about her challenges in life, and when I asked her about her commitment to Christ, she accepted to receive Him as her personal Savior and Lord.  I then led her in a prayer! And that is what is happening almost on daily basis.
As pastors and Spiritual leaders within Lira town, we raised foodstuff worth 6,600,000=(UGX) to support the vulnerable and those in quarantine within the district. Right now we have about 60 while others are in their homes. It was covered in all our media houses. Glory be to God for that help!
Please, lets keep praying for one another! I am always tuned to what is happening in CA, to help in our prayers.
Please, convey our love to the family members and the team!

April 8th, 2020

A note from Pastor Johnson in Uganda:

Greetings and love in Christ Jesus!
Uganda has been going through stages as far as Covid-19 is concerned. When we had less than five cases confirmed cases, people were still allowed to work and travel. But when confirmed cases reached ten, then the government cancelled all travels within and without. The cases as per today is 52, pending on what will come today.
All schools are closed and business places closed down except Stores and food markets. Few sensitive offices are allowed to work. All social gatherings and places of worship are also closed down! They have not even allowed Small group meetings.
We have curfew from 7pm to 6:30 am. Stay Home, work from Home is the message.
The office of the President cleared me to move and preach on Radio. Otherwise last Sunday I preached from home.
We decided to hold on with the last drilling till then restrictions are over
Please let prayer continue!
Blessings to you and the team

March 22nd, 2020

A Note from Pastor Johnson in Uganda:
The Government had declared Saturday a prayer day and people converged in the State house and some denominational leaders attended! We had a similar one in Lira with other pastors and leaders.
At the end of the prayer, the President gave new guidelines on COVID-19! In this new set of guidelines, he suspended travels into the country and away from Uganda. No passenger plane will be allowed into the country; except cargo transport means. This will go on for 32 days.
No sooner did the President complete his address, than a business man from Dubai entered into the country with the virus! He became the first registered case in the country. Every person who had come with him in the same flight had to be isolated immediately! This has given another fever in the country.
Meanwhile, my team and myself have been busy keeping the body connected and ministered to. We have been in media houses to bring hope to the hopeless .I am being called to almost every radio station to share hope to them. So we are reaching them through Facebook, You tube, WhatsApp, Website, messages, and small groups.
 Our drilling team has also been working hard to bring water to the water less. Life is hardest without clean water!
Please, join us in fulfilling this mission for the good of God’s people!
May God bless you all as we pray for one another!
Pr Johnson Ogema