2022 Emergency Food Relief

During our trip in September 2022 the team was able to bring emergency food relief to over 1000 families along with clean water!

Every $75 will feed a family of five for the next 60 days.

If you would like to help in this endeavor, see details below.


Photo Gallery:

All funds are being used to purchase beans, cornmeal and salt and delivered to the most impacted villages.

Details from our in-country partner, Pastor Johnson Ogema (7/26/22)

Thanks so much for your concern on this heartbreaking issue!
 If possible we would try to reach at least 1000 families. An average family in Uganda has seven persons. The reason why I came out with that is due to the magnitude of the problem! As I write this 1600 persons have died due to this! This morning Kotido district reported the death of 690 persons who have died. the most affected persons are:
1. Children
2. Pregnant mothers
3. Persons suffering from HIV/AIDS
4. Elderly persons
Some people are surviving on leaves of a particular plant to keep them alive!
I took a trip to survey some of the affected areas, and I realize we need to transport the foodstuff up to Kotido. But we need security to reach there, and I am making all the necessary contacts with the govt and community leaders to provide security!
The Budget for 1000 families is as follows:
1. Posho 50kg x $0.83 x1000 families = $41,500
2. Beans 30 Kg x $0.83 x1000 families = $24,900
3. Salt $7.00 x1000 = $7,000.00
4. Transport  $840.00
5. Security  $280.00
May God bless every soul that gives for the sake of the suffering persons!
Rewards await!
Pr Johnson Ogema
(We questioned sharing these photos, but thought it best to show the reality of what is happening in the field and our team is experiencing.)