SCSNA From the Heart Fundraiser

Without water, food scarcity occurs. Here in the United States our government has been generous to our child nutrition programs during this pandemic.

Let us now spread the generosity. Join the SCSNA to feed more children by funding a well for the children of Uganda!

2/9/22 UPDATE:  The SCSNA Team has reached their goal! Funding sent for their well on 2/10/22 in the village of Okwongodul in the district of Dokolo in Northern Uganda. Details to follow.

3/3/22 Installation Complete.

This well will serve 2 villages with approximately 80 households. Their nearest water source was a swamp over 2km away. What a difference you have made!

Thank you to the SCSNA From the Heart Fundraising Team and Donors!



Photo Gallery:


  • Deep Well: Completed 03.03.2022

    2/10/22 Funding sent for deep well installation in the village of Okwongodul!

    3/3/22 Installation Complete!