Kenya Vision Project

Kenya Vision Project:

In February 2007 Dr. Rob Henslick set up a charitable vision clinic in Kitale, Kenya inside of a small cottage hospital called Sister Freda’s Medical Clinic. Over the last ten years, he has returned to Kenya fifteen times venturing out from the cottage hospital in Kitale to provide vision care for the very needy and underserved populations in Pokot, Narok, the Masai Mara, Kipsongo, Mt. Elson, Bosnia and many other surrounding areas. He has treated thousands of diseases and infections and dispensed more than 9,000 pairs of glasses to the less fortunate people of Kenya. The expenses for each trip, including air fare, ground transportation, food and lodging for himself alone is over $4000.00. This does not include the cost of materials and supplies or the expense of him being away from his office for two weeks each year. He will be making his 16th trip to Kenya this coming June and if you desire and are able to help financially, he would love for you to partner with him in helping to provide vision care to the Kenyan people!

Update: The Kenya Vision Team is back and full of joy after serving the people of Kenya. Hundreds of people were given eye exams, treated for eye conditions and given the gift of sight by receiving eyeglasses for the first time.  Thank you Dr. Rob and the entire Kenya vision team for providing this priceless service!

Next trip June 20th, 2019! 

Donate below for 2019 team, specify under comments full name of team member if designated.

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