Community Support Campaign

We at A Way To Help continue to install wells bringing clean water to those without in Uganda.  Clean water means everything during these unprecedented times.  Thank you to all who have continued to support this most important endeavor!

We are also reaching out to our local community, giving donors the opportunity to help here at home as well.  Our hearts are to support our local restaurants and businesses and at the same time support front line personnel, an elderly person sheltered in their homes or a family suffering from a  job loss.

So, how can you help?

Donate ANY amount towards a meal or gift card from a local restaurant                                                    (Every $15 donation brings someone special a meal!)

This will be delivered to one of the following:

Personnel on the front lines

An Elderly person sheltered in place

A Family suffering from a job loss

Each meal will include a “Thank You” or “Thinking of You” card as well.

Our goal is to feed dozens of people in our community over the next month                                     while supporting multiple local restaurants!

 Thank you for making a difference and reaching out to support the local community.  Together we can come out stronger and closer during this difficult time.  Stay well and safe!

God Bless,

The AWTH Team

**If you would like to recommend a family owned restaurant in the Saddleback Valley or a group in need, please fill out the email on the left.

UPDATE:  Because of your incredible generosity, many meals are being provided every week to those in need and multiple local restaurants supported.  Here are just a few things the recipients had to say… 

  • “These groceries are such a blessing as we have so many people to feed right now.” Family of 5 with job losses for 4 of the family members. (Given “survival box” from Urban Grill)
  • “We are just hanging on, so thank you so much for all the gift cards you have bought!” A local restaurant owner
  • What a blessing it was to meet a mom persevering since her son lost his hand a year ago from a firecracker accident. She has been saving for his prosthesis which is now threatened after her job loss. The joy a special meal and groceries brought to them was heartwarming. We plan to do more.
  • “Thank you, this is so great. We love Chick-fil-A!”  Two EMTs dedicated to working when they could currently be making more staying home on unemployment.
  • “Thank you so much as it’s been a difficult time and a restaurant meal is such a treat!  Unemployed single mom
  • “Thank you for thinking of us!” Local restaurant owner
  • “This is just so nice of people to think of us.” Single mom of two young children moving back home with her parents after her job loss
  • “I haven’t been out of the house for weeks, this meal is such a treat.”  Elderly widow