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    Kenya Vision Project

    Bring sight to those without!  Dr. Rob and his team will be traveling to Kitale, Kenya to bring vision to those who have struggled for so long.  In areas that have water, we can now help with other desperate needs.  Please go to his team page to see how you can be part of helping with this important project.

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    Emergency Food Relief

    Due to an influx of thousands of refugees and severe drought this past season, the people of Northern Uganda are in crisis.  We are launching an emergency food relief effort to help support the community we have worked in for 10 years.

    For $200 you can feed 4 families for a month!


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  • What's Happening?

    Come to Africa!

    Interested in coming to Africa with us?  We take teams to Uganda to work with the projects we support.  Come with us this fall to work with the displaced families of the South Sudan that have fled to Uganda.

    Join us for just 12 days that will change your life!  Step out to show God’s love to those in unimaginable circumstances and help them to not feel forgotten!

    For more information click below!

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