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    A Heartwarming Day of Charity!  April 27th, 2016

    Join with the Orange County community on April 27th and 28th by giving to your favorite charity.  Any donation given to AWTH in this 30 hour giving time will be multiplied!  Local families can make a difference not only in their own community but globally on this day.  

    Give the gift of clean water and experience the joy of making a life changing gift possible with others!


    Link below to donate starting 6am April 27th!


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    Hippie Chicks Soccer Team

    These local coaches had a plan to encourage unity in their team while also doing something selfless at the same time. And a good plan it was! These girls started out by adopting one well and are now up to raising money for their 4th well. They are not only goal getters but also life changers! Please join them in their efforts to make a difference this season.

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    What's Happening?

    Honor a Loved One this Easter!

    This Easter season honor someone you love by giving the gift of clean water in their name. Your family, friends or co-workers will feel special when they receive their card specifying a donation was given in their name.  Simply go to the store page and select your card and amount.

    A gift as small as $30 can change a life this Easter!  Make your loved one feel like a hero!


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