• AWTH Turns 10!

    At 10 years we  have now drilled 86 wells, but we are not done yet!    Join us as we celebrate by giving the most precious gift…water.

    Thank you to all who have already joined us by giving water and the hope of Christ. The love you have shown is leaving a legacy which will last long after we are gone.

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    Sisterhood of Hope

    This year the refugee crisis in Northern Uganda grew beyond any other nation.  Of those fleeing violence 80% are women and children. Needless to say, their needs are many!  It’s so simple to help those in crisis.  Check out our gift catalog of items and send a life changing gift with just a few clicks.

    We shine brighter together!

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  • Join the team:

    Change Lives All Year!

    This year, join the community of people giving clean water every month.  100% helps families in need.

    With even a gift of $30 monthly you will be part of this group that is dedicated to bringing change.

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