• Why Monthly?

    Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime..all monthly subscriptions.  This year, join the community of people that have decided to step out and do something for someone else. Give the life changing gift of clean water every month and discover the joy no other monthly payment could ever provide.

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    Sisterhood of Hope

    This year the refugee crisis in Northern Uganda grew beyond any other nation.  Of those fleeing violence 80% are women and children. Needless to say, their needs are many!  It’s so simple to help those in crisis.  Check out our gift catalog of items and send a life changing gift with just a few clicks.

    We shine brighter together!

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  • What's Happening?

    Deb’s Cakes for a Cause

    Deb’s famous Kahlua cake beautifully wrapped and gift ready!

    When was the last time you enjoyed delicious decadent dark chocolate cake that made you feel good?  We are here to help you enjoy that feeling or even treat a friend.

    100% of each donation will be used to fund the next Deb’s “Cakes for a Cause” well!

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