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    Count Your Faucets,  Count Your Blessings!

    In conjunction with World Water Day this month we have a simple way you can make a difference.  Watch to see how and go count them up!


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    Hippie Chicks Soccer Team

    These local coaches had a plan to encourage unity in their team while also doing something selfless at the same time. And a good plan it was! These girls started out by adopting one well and are now up to raising money for their 4th well. They are not only goal getters but also life changers! Please join them in their efforts to make a difference this season.

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    What's Happening?

    Help make 50!

    We are reaching our 50th well!  Donate any amount this month and you will be a part of making this landmark event.  Take this opportunity to fight for someone today without the basic need of clean water.    Together, we can make this happen!

    (All donors will be entered in our “make it to 50″ drawing and any recurrent monthly donation set ups will receive a double entry.)






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