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    Great Day!

    Orange County gave together!

    In just 30 hours on April 21st and 22nd, 70 donors generously gave over $20,000 to AWTH.   Local families made a difference not only in their own community but globally on this day.  With the OC Foundation’s 1st county wide giving day over 1.8 million dollars was raised for OC nonprofits!

    Thank you to all who gave the gift of clean water and made a life changing gift possible alongside their friends and neighbors on this historic day!



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    Hippie Chicks Soccer Team

    These local coaches had a plan to encourage unity in their team while also doing something selfless at the same time. And a good plan it was! These girls started out by adopting one well and are now up to raising money for their 4th well. They are not only goal getters but also life changers! Please join them in their efforts to make a difference this season.

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  • What's Happening?

    Donating Divas host 3rd annual Girls Night Out!

    A group of fun, like-minded woman who enjoy making a difference with their social gatherings, are hosting their 3rd annual Girl’s Night Out on May 29th, 2015.  Their theme this year is, Wine to Water.  Their goal is to fund a well in the village of Te-obwolo.  The villagers are in the process of making bricks to construct a church.  This well will not only provide water for the church but approximately 80 households.  Currently the road to collect water is a long and challenging journey made by the woman and children.   These woman are excited to make a life changing difference in the lives of woman across the globe by simply hosting a party with a purpose.

    If you would like to attend this year’s event, go to the Donating Diva page in team projects for more information.

    If you cannot attend but would like to help these ladies reach their goal, you can donate below.

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