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    A Heartwarming, Successful Day of Charity!

    In just 30 hours on April 27th and 28th, 158 donors generously gave over $29,000 to AWTH.  With OC Foundation’s percentage match and challenges won,  over $35,000 was raised for clean water!  Local families made a difference not only in their own community but globally on this day.  The 2nd annual OC Foundation Giving Day raised over 3.2 million dollars for OC nonprofits!

    We are now well on our way to purchasing a new drilling rig which will provide water for villagers in the most desperate, drought ridden areas.

    Thank you to all who gave the gift of clean water and made a life changing gift possible alongside their friends and neighbors on this historic day!

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    Hippie Chicks Soccer Team

    These local coaches had a plan to encourage unity in their team while also doing something selfless at the same time. And a good plan it was! These girls started out by adopting one well and are now up to raising money for their 4th well. They are not only goal getters but also life changers! Please join them in their efforts to make a difference this season.

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    What's Happening?

    2nd Annual Lake Forest Oktoberfest

    Thank you to everyone who attended our 2nd annual Oktoberfest!  A good time was had by all celebrating fall, family and friends.  A big shout out to all of our sponsors, attendees and donors that made this life changing gift possible.  So many families will be drinking clean water in just a few short weeks!

    For fun pictures of the event check out the awaytohelp facebook page and if you were unable to attend but would still like to help this team bring more families clean water, you can by donating below.

    Thank you again for your heart to care, give and celebrate with us!


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