Emergency Food Relief

Due to an influx of thousands of refugees and severe drought this past season, the people of Northern Uganda are in crisis.  We are launching an emergency food relief effort to help support the community we have worked in for 10 years.  We are hoping to support them for two months until crops can recover and rains again return.  Sadly many families are searching for anything they can find to feed their children.  Schools are returning children home because they have nothing to feed them.   Suicides have skyrocketed as hopelessness ensues.

With your donation you can literally rescue them from such despair.  Our local partner church  has the capability to distribute food to the villages via their trucks and security guards.  They just need funding!

For $200 you can feed 4 families for a month!  Your gift will bring them food and hope for the future.


Update: Thank you to all who donated immediately for this crisis!  Below is a note from Pastor Johnson after the second round of funds were sent, along with pictures.  Thanks to your generosity families have hope to make it through until the rains return.

Hi Friends,

When I received the funds sent by Elizabeth yesterday, we bought food items to be sent to the villages that are still struggling with food shortage! I never advertised my going except informing some two elderly persons that I would be in their area to meet them. But to my surprise, they called me that morning telling me there are already five hundred persons waiting for me. But the number kept on growing as I drove to that village! On my arrival, I found the registered number was 893, and yet people were literally running to the scene when they saw the truck caring food!

What you see in the picture is a cross section of what is there!

The need is still much and yet the rain is still scarce!

To all who contributed, thanks so much! Please, check the attachments!

And blessings to all!

Johnson Ogema


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