Recycle Team: El Toro & Serrano


  • Deep Well: Completed 08.15.2009

    Anywali Villiage, Lira District
    Well in! Thank you to our friends in the Lake Forest Community including students from Serrano Intermediate School, El Toro High School and Lake Forest Elementary for your recycle efforts during the 2008/2009 school year!

  • Deep Well: Completed 07.30.2010

    Kamirampango & Nakasongola
    Deep well in! Thank you Mundell-Noel Family, El Toro High School and Serrano Intermediate Recycle Project 2009-2010 School Year.

  • Deep Well: Completed 04.21.2012

    Teyeo, Lira District
    Thank you Recycle Team! Serrano Intermediate and CC&R Recycle.

  • Deep Well: Completed 10.25.2014

    Aluka Village, Apac District, Uganda

    Thank you Serrano Intermediate Students, Staff and CR&R.  Commitment to recycling their water bottles for clean water.

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